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For all writers, this writer's random exercise generator creates a mini creative task to kick start the imagination before a writing session. After a few minutes fun, and a few notes written down, it is much easier to tackle the important stuff. Many would-be writers fail because they struggle to find the first sentence that would get them started. Our mini assignments are designed to get the creative juices flowing without it mattering if the results are good or bad. Most exercises can perhaps be completed in 5 minutes but definitely less than 30. If the first task is not inspiring, generate another that is!

Engines always run better when they have warmed up and your creative engine - your brain - is no exception. Getting blood to the parts of the mind that spark inspiration is what the Writer's Exercise Generator is about. However, if you're teaching English some of the ideas here could be used in lessons too. This generator also produces an occasional brilliant, inspirational plot idea in it's own right.